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Dinah + The floor


@zaynmalik: Sometimes just the sound of someone’s voice can make you happy :D x



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UM omg ok a lot of ppl have asked me for the url selenamgomez and i’m not usin it anymore so I’m just gonna give it away like this so it’s fair and ya basically if u want selenamgomez like/reblog this post and i’ll pick a winner in like a week or so but u gotta be following me and her and my twitter too bc i’m thirsty u can reblog this a million times if u want idc but yea ok :))


Saying goodbye at an ICE deportation facility | Al Jazeera 

The family of Rosendo Juarez-Hernandez, scheduled to be deported that day, wait to see him before he is sent back to Mexico. 

(Photo Credit: Saverio Truglia for Al Jazeera America)